Our own SEIS and EIS fund will be a multi-sector fund targeting growth, comprising a portfolio of 5-10 high potential qualifying companies to be targeted via our rigorous due diligence process. Prospective investors will invest in the fund and the discretionary fund manager will select specific companies that are to receive this investment. This fund will mitigate investment risk through grouping together smaller businesses.

Launched in 1994, Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) are a series of higher rate UK tax reliefs that encourage investments and raise finance for small companies carrying on a qualifying trade in the UK. ECP works with a professional team of advisers who will recommend EIS products to adviser firms.

Introduced in 2011, the SEIS complements the existing Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) by encouraging investment into smaller high risk companies by offering a higher rate of tax relief to those who invest in these companies. The maximum sum that a growing business could raise through an SEIS is £150,000.

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